#EndGunViolenceTogether Is Hitting The Road

Why TOMS is driving across the country

"End Gun Violence Together" RV driving through the desert.

We're on our way to Washington, DC.

More than 700,000 people have submitted a postcard to Congress through the TOMS website urging their representatives to pass universal background checks. And rather than just sticking them in the mail, we're showing up at the steps of the Capitol to deliver them in person. But first, we're making the cross-country journey from our headquarters in Los Angeles.

And for a good reason.

More than 90% of
Americans support universal background checks

Numerous people holding up postcards to their representatives urging them to pass universal background checks into law.

According to one recent poll, the figure is as high as 97%. Freedom from gun violence is not a liberal issue, or a coastal issue. It's a human issue. So we’re driving through the heart of America to talk to the people who make up the 90%. People who may look different, talk different, and come from very different backgrounds, but who all share the same values.

Here's how we're getting there.

Crossing the Divide

Map indicating the states TOMS will be driving through on their journey across country.

Between Las Vegas and Denver, we'll cross the Continental Divide. And it's a symbol for the entire trip: our country may be divided, but this is an issue that unites us. Mothers, students, and responsible gun owners. Religious leaders in Chicago, business leaders in Columbus, and government leaders in Pittsburg. We'll connect with people affected by gun violence across a spectrum of experience. And we'll help tell their stories.

Listening and learning

Along the way, we’ll co-host community events with our partners and learn about the more complicated dimensions of gun violence; where it intersects with communities of color, mental health, and domestic violence to name a few. Because universal background checks is just one solution to a complex problem, and Washington is just one stop on a larger journey.

Our destination is ending gun violence. How we get there is together.

Written by Daniel Hall